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John Lappo's crew lined up for inspection at the front of Command Decision (circa 1953)

L to R: John Lappo, Bill Altimus, Harold French, Lawrence O'Day, James Pierce, Herbert  Parsons,

 Bernard Cortez, Lyston Stuart, Anthony Queeno, Riccardo Fonzi, Ronald Ratliff,  & a"sandbagger."
Photos on this page are copyrighted, 2002, by Anthony J. Queeno

  Anthony J. Queeno served with the 28th Bomb Sqdn, Jan '53 through August '53, assigned to the most famous B-29 of the Korean War, AC #7657, Command Decision. Tony writes, "We were the last crew to fly her in combat (on) the day they signed the truce . . .  in the air just hours before it was to take effect. We were supposed to fly her stateside but our A/C delayed a month so our Radar Operator could keep his promotion."
   Tony added, "We took up every inch of runway and each takeoff was a "white knuckle" takeoff.  The heaters never worked and we had AA go through the right wing just missing the fuel tank, but it got us back every time except
once when we were forced to go to Suwan, Korea.   If I recall most of the "nose art" was removed  by  Feb. '53 because of the overfly of the dependant area."