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B-29 Units in the korean waR

Photos & Commentary

(Contributors noted when known)

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Combined Operations

April 12, 1951: Yalu Bridges Max Effort

  19BG: Photos & Commentary by Ralph Livengood   j   307BW: Commentary by Vincent Scarano j

Link to korea12apr1951.com


September 12, 1952: Yalu River/Suiho Reservoir/Dam Max Effort

"Suiho: The Gauntlet" by Bud Farrell


2nd Air Rescue Squadron, Kadena AFb, circa 1952

SB-17 Crash Photos by Mac McGill & Jim Frank
SB-29 Photo & Commentary by Dewey Thomas jCrew Inspection, Start; Take-off   j  Inflight; A3 Lifeboat; SA-16; Chopper

3rD Air Rescue Squadron, HONSHU, Japan

SB-29; Crew; SA-16; (5) Photos by Jeff Bright


19th bombardment group

Crew Photos (Listed Alphabetically by Aircraft Commander’s Last Name): Bradshaw j   Cheney j  Earns j   Hall     Harvey j  Lappo j  Laughlin  j   Mallory j    Messinger     Moberly j   Rummel  j    Thompson


19BG Welcome Pamphlet & Unit History, 1 June 1953  j    News Clippings - Queeno j News Clippings - Queeno

Ryukyuan Review, 26 June, 1951: Nose Art; 19th Year in Review; Double Whammy – Jo Clark



28BS Photos by Dick Pittard   j 28BS Individual Crew Photos by Branstetter, Garig, McGill, & Petrovich

Accidental Gear Retraction Photo by Glen Garig & Earl McGill

Combat Crew & Mission Photos by McGill   j Combat Crew & Mission photos by "Herk" Taylor"

Combat Crew Photos by Garig  j  Combat Mission Color Photos by Richard Pittard

Command Decision: Restored Color Photo of Early Bomb Run by McGill

Command Decision & Crew Photos by Tony Queeno #1 j Queeno #2  j Queeno #3 j News Clipping

Command Decision Model with construction notes by Christoph Erkins

            Crash of The Outlaw, Narrative & Photos by McGill     j Humor? Photos by McGill

McGill's Story- AF Times Article by Bob Dorr  jRadar Scope & Night Strike Photos - McGill & Queeno


30BS Unit Insignia, Tent City & Map - Ray Warnes & Joe Savko  j30BS Photo Collection (32) by Glen Morris  

Dragon Lady, Unit & Crew Photos by Clark & Frank j Combat Mission Color Photos by John Thrash



 22nd bombardment group

Crew Photos (Listed Alphabetically by Aircraft Commander’s Last Name): Burney

 22BG Aircraft Photos by Bill Nist  j 22BG in Action by Luther Burney

 Tent City Photos by Jack Bass


                   43rd Air Refueling Squadron


                   55th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing


                   56th Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron

                   56SRS Aircraft Photo & commentary by Ed Stringer


                        91SRW/91sT Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron

                   The 91st SRW Association     Photos Courtesy of Bob Fleer


                   92nd bombardment group

                        Crew Photos (Listed Alphabetically by Aircraft Commander’s Last Name): Hemingway, Hoit   

                                92BG Mission Photos by Carl Thomas in memory of his father  j 92BG Photos by Tom Blount





98th Bombardment group

Crew Photos (Listed Alphabetically by Aircraft Commander’s Last Name): O'Connor, Placke, Wade

     98BG in Action by Edward Fitz-Patrick         The Crew of Stinger Queen by John Zieser

343BS: Unit insignia by John Zieser

344BS: Unit Insignia by Carl Thomas

345BS: Crew Scarf & Logo  (Unknown)  j    Reluctant Drag’on Photos by Troy Wade


307th Bombardment Wing

Crew Photos (Listed Alphabetically by Aircraft Commander’s Last Name): Fogler (minus Fogler) j Lewis

Lowe   j   Reeter     j Denson (Fogler) j Foulks


307BW in Action: Combat Photos & Commentary by Fred Meier – John Wagenhalls - Dewey Thomas

Mess Hall Photo & Narration by Rolland Miller

Unit Not Determined

Punch Bowl Queen & Crew


Black Tuesday (Namsi Mission), 23 October, 1951: Narratives, Photos & Charts

For ordering information on Black Tuesday Over Namsi, A True History of the Epic Air Battle of the Korean War, Click Here.

Able Flight Lead Crew Photos & Short Snorter by Miller & Meier

Able Lead Navigator & Aircraft Commander Photo 14 years later by Meier

Aircraft 44-461940 Photo & Story of Chicken Mascot, by Nolan Strange.

Aircraft Photos & Narration by Bud Farrell

Combat Photos & Clippings: Bomb Drop; Emergency Landings at Kimpo by Miller

Crew Photos (Griner's EM, Lewis's Crew) by Paul Dickerson

Crew Photos by Dewell Turner  j Formation & Bomb Run Graphics by McGill

Interview & photo, Bill Reeter, Baker Lead, by Alan Reeter
Namsi Airfield Pre-strike Photo by Nick Kourafas j Narration & Photo by Turner & Dickerson

Narration & Photo by Wagenhalls j Post-strike at Kimpo News Photos & Commentary by Miller

Post-strike at Kimpo, Photos by Turner  j Route & Target Area Charts by John Duquette

Stars & Stripes Report on the Black Tuesday Mission, 24 October, 1951


371BS: Mission Symbols; Acft. #42-94032 by (unknown) & Nolan Strange

372BS: Acft. #44-86295 by Vincent Scarano

Unit-Related Photos & Commentary

Crash Crew Photos, Commentary & News Clippings by Bob Crevisour

Kadena AFB Photos by Don Nicholas, Pittard, McGill & Frank  j Recollections of  SSgt Donald Johnson

Yokota AFB Aerial View by Carl Thomas

B-29-Related Photos & Commentary

B-29 Paintings & Nose Art by Mark Styling! jCrew Stations and Notes (Model, courtesy of Christoph Erkens)

Crew Stations Photos –Strange – Queeno – USAF Museum  j Emergency Egress Procedures

Gunnery System j Safety Lesson: Pilot Error - Garig

R&R, Japan & Okinawa, circa 1951-1952

R&R (with music): Fuji View Hotel, Mount Fuji; Geishas, Okinawan Children (2); Skivvy Honchos by McGill

****In Memoriam****

Fifty Years Later: Jim Foster at the controls in  CAF's Fi Fi

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